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Lumsing 16000mAh Charger Power Bank Customer reviews

Lumsing 16000mah Power Bank Feature:
-- Capacity: 16000mAh with Reliable Lithium Polymer battery cells, Supply about 900%~1000% of iPhone 4 battery life, or 300%~350% of Google Nexus 7 battery life, or 300% of iPad mini / Kindle Fire HD battery life, or 600%-700% of Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life, or full charge of iPad 3 & 4 ()
-- Battery Type: Li-polymer battery; more stable and safe than Li-ion battery, such as both iPad and iPhone use the safer Li-polymer battery. 500+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery
-- 2 x USB Output: 5V 1A ~ 2.1A, design for charging Phones and Tablets, Can charge 2 Tablets or 2 Smart Phones simultaneously at most. LCD screen lets you know exactly how much power is left
-- Multiple security protection design: protection for overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit; The device will automatic shutdown when short circuit or overload output happened to avoid destroy the device and accident
-- Size: 7.68*2.84*0.79 inch, Stylish & portable design; A carrying bag for your convenience; 24/7 to provide instant power; PERFECT for long plane flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices wherever you are.

-- Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer Battery
-- Capacity: 16000mAh
-- Input: Micro USB 5V 1-1.5A
-- Output: 2*USB 5V 1-2.1A
-- Size: 7.68 x 2.84 x 0.79 inches; Weight: 13 ounce
-- Product Warranty: One Full Year

Charge the PB-AS019:
-- Full Charging by 5V 2A Adapter need 12-14 hours
-- Wall Charger is not included, we recommend using your own phones or tablet charger

Popular Compatible Models:
-- USB Output - 5V / 2.1A Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tablets & Some Samsung Android Phone Models, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, The retina iPad (iPad 4) (For charging Samsung Galaxy Tablets & ipad mini & ipad 4, pls kindly use with your original Apple Lightning to USB cable)
-- USB Output - 5V / 1A Designed for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson cell phones (For charging iPhone 5, please also use with your original Apple Lightning to USB cable)
-- Attention: the 2.1A USB output for charging 2.1A or lower devices, the same to 1A USB output. Moreover, these two USB output could work for 5V devices.

This battery pack is extremely powerful and in my test results it performed well in supplying a charging current to my iPad tablets. It is a real power resource to keep your USB recharged devices operating on those long work days or while you are traveling. Many people like me are power users of their smart phones and tablets. If you are constantly using them then you know that they will run out of power sometime during the day or evening. If you are not near an AC wall outlet with your charger or in your car with a charger what can you do? Especially if you are traveling in a plane, bus or train. In addition many of the newer tablets are real power hungry devices and it takes a lot to recharge them. Here is a powerful battery pack with two built in USB ports for all of your devices. It can charge your Apple devices or tablets with up to 2.1 Amps and really provide a boost to your tablet or smart phone. It can charge devices simultaneously and it can output current at a maximum rate of 3.1 amps.

This is a beautifully packaged charger that has a lot of charging capacity. It uses Lithium- Polymer battery technology and carries a 16000 mAh capacity. In my testing it was one of the fastest battery chargers I have seen and my test results show that. I have included a video of the Lumsing 16000 features and I hope it is helpful to you.

What's in the box?

* The Lumsing 16,000 mAh battery
* The battery pack comes with an instruction manual
* Two USB to Micro USB charging cables and one is 12 1/2 inches long and the other is 30 inches long
* A carrying bag. I must note that the carrying bag has a very strong smell of kerosene on it and according to the manufacturer this smell will diminish after a little time. It actually took 2 weeks for the smell to go away. This is due to the water proofing treatment of the bag. The supplier told me that they are seeking a replacement material for the bag that will not have this smell.
* 5 charging adapters that fit either cable that was supplied.
* It does not come with an AC wall charging adapter.

The unit weighs at 13 ounces and fits into a computer bag, backpack or briefcase. It features a nice graphic bar graph display and also shows digital values for the percentage of the battery charge and voltage. The display is nonlinear though when compared to the actual battery capacity remaining. It reads much lower than the actual charging capacity remaining in the battery as the display is reading the voltage of the battery and not the mAh of capacity. I had good results in my testing and it charged my iPad 3 and iPad 2 quickly. This is one the fastest charge boosting battery packs I have tested so far. You should be aware that the battery pack has about 72.7% efficiency (Which is good!) when used with your devices and is limited to about 11,632.64 mAh charging capacity with your devices (Determined by my testing).

This is a very good product and below I have listed its features and benefits as well as my test data for your review. Please take the time to quickly watch the video and if you have any questions send me a comment and I will try to help you. I rate this as a five star product and I recommend it to you. I did not deduct any stars for the smell of the bag because the smell did slowly go away. The main value in this purchase is the quality of the battery and the supplier is looking for another carrying bag solution.

Lumsing 16000mAh Portable External Battery Pack:
* There are two USB power output ports and they are USB 1 rated at 5VDC at 2.1 Amps and USB 2 rated at 5VDC at 1 Amp
* Press the ON button when you plug in a device and that begins the charging process of your device. There is an automatic OFF when your electronic device is charged. It is recommended that you unplug your device when it is fully charged.
* Uses Lithium-polymer battery technology.
* The battery pack can be recharged 500+ times
* Warranty is 12 months
* Powerful 16,000 mAh capacity
* The unit is compact and weighs in at 13 ounces.
* It has backlit charge status display on the front that has a battery bar graph that indicates the charge level and there is also a digital number showing the percentage of the charge remaining. It also indicates the output voltage and if the unit is receiving an input charge. The back lit display bar graph is measuring the battery voltage and not the actual mAh capacity and so its display is nonlinear to the real capacity in the battery.
* The battery pack does not come with an AC wall charger.
* It is recommended that you charge the battery pack with a 5 VDC 1.5 Amp USB wall charger. I recommend that you use a 2.1 Amp USB wall charger.
* It will take 12 to 16+ hours to charge the battery pack with a 5 VDC USB rated at 1 Amp
* Using a USB 2.0 computer port would take 24 to 32 hours to charge this battery pack.
* I charged mine with an AC wall charger the outputs 2.1 Amps. That will take about 9 to 12 hours.
* The battery pack can output 3.1 Amps max at one time so it can charge two items simultaneously.
* The unit is powerful and it has a fair price.

Here are some performance results while charging various devices with the Lumsing 16000 mAh battery pack. Test Charging an iPad 3 to measure the output capacity:

Start iPad 3 at 24 % and the Lumsing battery at full charge.
* Battery indicates 60% charge in 15 minutes because the display is nonlinear as it is measuring voltage and not mAh capacity. If you unplug the battery from your device the indicator will jump upwards substantially.
* 30 min 36% and the battery is at 60%
* 60 min 46% and the battery is at 40%
* 90 min 57% and the battery is at 40%
* 120 min 67% and the battery is at 30%
* 165 min 80% and the battery is at 30%
* 195 min 89% and the battery is at 30%
* 225 min 95% and the battery is at 30%
* 255 min 100% and the battery is at 30% but when I unplugged the iPad 3 the battery level jumped to 40%

I then took the same battery pack uncharged and began test charging an iPad 2:

Start iPad 2 at 2 % and the Lumsing battery dropped to 20% when I plugged it into the iPad 2
* 30 min 21% and the battery is at 10%
* 60 min 37% and the battery is at 5%
* 90 min 43% and the Lumsing battery was dead

In my testing I got 76% of an iPad 3 charge that is 8785.6 mAh. I also got 2847.04 mAh charge into an iPad 2 for a total of 11,632.64 mAh or an efficiency of 72.7% of the 16,000 mAh capacity of the battery. That is a very good result.

Here are some of the mAh charging requirements for common devices:
* iPhone 4 battery 1,420 mAh battery capacity
* iPhone 4S battery 1,432 mAh battery capacity
* iPad 2 battery 6,944 mAh battery capacity
* iPad 3 battery 11,560 mAh battery capacity
* Kindle Fire battery 4400 mAh capacity
* Kindle Keyboard battery 1750 mAh capacity
* iPhone 5 is 3.8 VDC at 5.45 Wh = 1434 mAh battery
* iPad 4 battery is 11,486 mAh 3.7 VDC at 42.5 Wh
* iPad Mini battery is 4490 mAh at 3.72 VDC 16.7 Wh

As you can see the Lumsing will fully charge a totally dead iPad 3 or 4 because it contains 16,000 mAh of capacity. You have to consider the losses in the charging circuits of both the battery pack and the device you are charging. Energy is lost during the voltage conversion, used by the electronics of the battery pack and your device and by the generation of heat.

Lumsing 16000 mAh battery pack device charging real world experience:
* iPhone 4 or 5 approximately 8.2 full charges out of a fully charged Lumsing 16000 mAh Portable Power Bank
* iPad 2 approximately 168% of a full charge
* iPad 3 or 4 approximately 101% of a full charge
* iPad Mini approximately 259% of a full charge
* Kindle Fire approximately 264% of a full charge

A normal estimated usable storage is 70% of capacity or .70 * 16,000 mAh = 11,200 mAh charging capacity available for your electronic devices.
In my testing I was able to use approximately 11,632.64 mAh of capacity or roughly 72.7% of the 16,000 mAh capacity. This is a very good result.

This is a good product and deserves a 5 Star rating.

I received a sample product for evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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